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Add PDF as a file format

It would be great if we could save the screenshots as PDF files.


  • Can I ask what is the reason or advantage of saving a screenshot as a PDF?
    (You know you can save it as an image right now)
  • My initial reason may not be feasible as I put more thought to it, but just to be sure here it goes: If I save as a PDF, later it would be possible to convert the PDF to Word, or any other HTML editor.
    But this is only possible if the PDF was created from the HTML code and not from a screenshot. So, I am not sure if it is possible.
  • If you are looking to capture the text of a screenshot/image and place it into a document you can do this with any OCR technology (directly from image to doc) bypassing the need of a pdf conversion, more info about that technology in google drive https://support.google.com/drive/answer/176692
  • Cool. Thanks.
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