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feature suggestion

Ok, first, I'm sorry.  I'm also a dev and I know how many suggestions devs can receive.  With that out of the way .... I'd like to suggest the following idea.   In android (I know, you're probably hearing about the comparisons between chrome extensions, chromeOS and android)....but as I was saying..... in android nearly every app can "share" to another app.  I think it would be extremely useful for the "Checker Plus for Google Drive" extension if there was a similar embedded feature to "share" a selected file.  Now I realize the infrastructure for "sharing" similar to that on android simply doesn't exist, and as an indie dev I could never recommend pursuing implementation of such a framework since ultimate control would lay with Google (or rather, Alphabet, I guess).  But I think it would be extremely useful if the current extension could generate google-drive specific share links which could then be easily copied or else piped into newly loaded pages of one's gmail, for example.  That would be extremely useful and could streamline the user experience.

Very impressed with your work, from a user perspective, so far.  If your code is FOSS, or otherwise open to public view, I'd love to read through sometime.  Keep up the awesome work.



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