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Grab Selected Area - scroll/ highlighting box won't move further while highlighting an area

Used to be fine to Grab Selected Area and scroll up and down any length page as needed. This week after an update I can begin to use the Highlight box around text, but then as I try to drag scroll the highlighted area down the page further than the visible area, the page is stuck. I can't scroll beyond the visible window or see below, though I know there's more there. 


  • Try re-installing the extension and then can you send me a screenshot of the empty space issue? This scrolling issue thought might be a Chrome update issue.
  • Hi Jason,
    The issue of not being able to drag the selected area beyond the browser's border, for longer web pages, is still present.
    Do you have any idea on how to resolve this issue?
    My Chrome version: Version 64.0.3282.119 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • @rcrdcanepa i recommend using the grab entire page then use the crop tool. 
  • Hi Jason,
    I did try grabbing the entire page, then using the crop or select tool.
    In both instances I cannot crop or select beyond the browser's border.
  • @rcrdcanepa Ok, I just managed to do it by using the down arrow keys on my keyboard while dragging the crop tool.
  • Yes, you are right. After doing a whole page capture, cropping or selecting an area and using the down arrow keys it will allow the crop or capture to go beyond the browser's border.
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