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Spanish strings

I provide the main menu string to Spanish (Spain/Castillan) here. Currently some of them appear in English while others appear in South American's Spanish and others have no sense (google translator mistake maybe?).

By the way: Very nice work on the new look/rebuild for calendar extension Jason!!! Thanks!!!

Coge un área seleccionada --> Captura un área seleccionada
Agarra visible parte de esta página --> Captura la parte visible de esta página
Coge toda la página --> Captura toda la página
Grab the entire screen --> Captura la pantalla entera

Open file... --> Abrir archivo...
Open from clipboard --> Abrir desde el portapapeles

Opciones --> (the same)
Contribute --> Contribuir
ChangeLog --> Lista de cambios
Discover my apps --> Descubre mis aplicaciones
Feedback --> (the same)
About me --> Sobre mi
Help --> Ayuda

In capture screen> options/settings:

Remove menu items from right click --> Eliminar elementos del menu con el click derecho
Quitar texto del encabezado y el pie de página en la imagen --> (the same)
Remove toolbar in popup --> Eliminar barra de herramientas en flotante
Preset button action --> Acción de presión de botón (is it in english also "Default button action", if true "Acción por defecto del botón")
Image Format --> Formato de imagen

VIEW UPLOADED FILES --> VER FICHEROS CAPTURADOS (uploaded should be "subidos", but it is rare to use it).

Help popups:

Press PrtScr on your keyboard. --> Presiona ImpPant (o PrtScr) en tu teclado
Then Open from clipboard --> Después, "Abrir desde portapapeles"

Problem --> Problema

You probably just installed this extension or an update has been done, so you'll need to reload this tab first or grab the visible part of page instead!  --> Probablemente simplemente instalaste esta extensión o se ha producido una actualización, ¡así que necesitarás recargar (in black style) esta pestaña primero o capturar la "parte visible de la página"! ("" indicates black style)
If using multiple monitors try unplugging the 2nd one temporarily. --> Si usas múltiples monitores intenta desenganchar el segundo temporalmente.

Note: By the way last help didn't work in my case (win 10, usually 2 monitors but I tried only with one)


  • v8.0.17 is live, thanks for the translations, but in the future let me know and i'll give you access to my translation tool which makes things much easier.
  • edited March 2018
    Hi Jason!

    I've been using your Checker Plus for Gmail and Screenshots extensions for ages now, and I have to say I'm really happy with them!

    I wanted to offer my help as a way to contribute to your work. I am a professional translator (EN > ES/CA) and I was wondering if any of your extensions need translating or proofreading (Spanish and Catalan).

    In fact, I downloaded the Checker Plus for Google Calendar after writing this message and I have already noticed that the Spanish translation is incomplete and has a few errors (machine translation?).

    If you'd like to know more about me I can send you a link to my LinkedIn/Upwork profile privately.

    Sorry I'm using this old post to contact you, I couldn't find a better way. 
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