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Mark "all" as viewed


Is it possible to add a feature that if I right-click on the notifications on the left-side panel, to have an option to "mark all as viewed"? I get a lot of notifications and I skim through the list, but it's tedious to right-click each one to mark them as viewed.




  • hmm so i'd like to automate things when possible and avoid all human involvement ;) so ... what if everytime you visit the notifications section it would automatically mark all files as viewed? therefore everytime you visit the section you would only see the newest bold items once and the next time you visit they would be unbolded (unless there was new ones)
  • I believe that is how the LinkedIn notifications work, so I think that would work as well. So clicking on notifications means that you have implicitly indicated that you have viewed all the notifications versus having to explicitly specify.

    The only possible caveat is that I know that it remembers if I was on the Notifications section before, so if I am clicking on the chrome extension icon to navigate to my drive I wouldn't want it to just mark all as viewed because the notifications showed up as last view.

    If you do an implicit mark as viewed, perhaps don't have the notifications come up as initial view?
  • nice, thinking like a programmer :)
  • fixed in v7.0.13 but I didn't tackle the caveat i'll assume if you "see" the notifications when you open the popup that you actually saw them, note, that the update file timestamp are listed beside if you need to refer back to the recent notifications.

    great suggestion though. i also took the initiative of removing the bolding of files in the My Drive etc. seems Google Drive stopped doing that to when someone modified your files.
  • It is working great! One click and the list is resolved.

  • Hi,

    I don't like this myself sorry. When I see that I have "10" notification after some time being off, I would like to be able to look at the list, say which one I don't want to "open" by saying either "Mute" or "Mark as red" and than to be able to look to the thers, by clicking one, open the docs and reviewing the changes, than open another one, which is still bold, since it's note muted, red or opened. I do not want to have to remember myself which one I clicked on and those that I haven't yet. But I can understand that you maybe want to mark all of them as red, but it doesn't look good that only marked as red, make them all "red".

  • Hi,

    The experience for this is still very bad, could we do something to this ? I guess that having the option to : 1. make all as red, or 2. not would be enough. 
  • Hi,

    Still no feedback or suggestion on this. I still think that we can have solution for all users, but the current one is not convenient at all if you have / need to check all the updates really.

    Kind regards.

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