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Notifications List Not Clearing Out

Previously, when I got notifications that a file had changed, once I opened the file, the notifications list in the opp up window would clear out. Now, they all seem to be staying indefinitely and the list is getting really long, keeping old files that haven;t been touch in weeks in there. Any ideas?


  • Yeah it was requested the users be able to refer back to their previous notifications - but don't worry the list will max out at 50
  • It really looks that some users wants a kind of mark all, clean all option, where others don't. This is maybe a good setting to add.
  • Hi,

    I'm still expecting somehow to get a solution, since this behavior change is not appropriate in all cases I think.
    Kind regards.
  • @julien.fritsch
    and Peach

    Good news, I've decided to add a clear all and mark as viewed buttons in the latest v7.1.4
  • Excellent news indeed I will test it next week ! Thanks for this really. Julien 
  • In thank you!  The clear all option works great. 

  • edited April 2016
    Hi Jason,

    The clear all is working, the individual mark as viewed are working, but if you do not use the clear all, and leave some unread, once you close the extension, ... they are all marked as viewed whereas they should not. So the issue remains the same, I had 36 docs to review, I marked 22 of them as viewed and once I open one of them, I loose the track of the remaining ones, which is thought to remember which ones you marked or the extension did.

    My preference would be that the one not marked remains unmarked of course.

    By the wa, an additional change needed I think is be to be able to open several documents without leaving the extension. This is not to solve our current issue, but it's long to get those open one by one each time you need to open the extension and search for the next one again and again.

  • @julien.fritsch

    I'm not sure what you mean by "once you close the extension, ... they are all marked as viewed" I just tested it an the list of Notifications inside the popup does not get cleared after restarting the extension or the browser.

    FYI in the next update you can hold Ctrl when opening files and they will open in the background while popup window remains open.
  • Hi,

    I have documented the journey, I guess that the "marked as viewed" vs "notification number" = "bold lignes" created some confusion for me. Please see the details in the PDF attached.

    As for the use of Ctrl, great. I guess this is coming in a future release, because for me, now on the version 7.1.4 this is not yet working, but this will help a lot.


  • @julien.fritsch

    thanks for the detailed screenshot feedback, i understand all the confusion now.

    My extension works this way:
    • Button # count: latest notifications since you've clicked the popup and yes they will get cleared on a restart
    • Bolded files in notifications list: most recent files that you were notified of since you last opened the popup
    • All other files in notifications list: files will accumulate forever until manually cleared (max 50)
  • The control feature is great...I was thinking of that recently since I often open several docs at a time.Thanks!
  • Ok now this is clear for me and I think this is good also this way. 

    For the control feature. This is released already ? It don't work for me yet. 
  • edited April 2016

    no, I was waiting for your response ;) to make sure I didn't need to change more code.
    I will now push the Ctrl thingy and it will go live in about an hour in v7.1.5
    ... aren't you guys spoiled :) lol sincerely though thank you for the feedback it makes my products better each time.
  • Very good and thank you this product is very important for me indeed. 
  • Hey, now I know why I got confused about the mark as red vs bold. If you use the checkmark on the right of the line, the bold line is removed ie the notification is removed, but if you click right on the line and select the mark as read menu then the line = notification remains visible, but it's not bold anymore. I think that we need a uniform behavior to avoid such confusion.
  • Control is working fine, thanks. 
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