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Explain and Send Screenshots

Jason, I am big of fan of your extensions. So much so that you are the only developer that I ever donated.

1) I noticed you changed the icon set for Gmail and Calendar Checker Plus to the modern flat design, which I like. Are you gonna do the same for Explain and Send Screenshots? I kinda wanna have that consistent look and feel for all your extensions.

2) Anyway you could make the "Already Donated/Send to author for verification" process easier? Sometimes when I re-install the extension i have to thumb thru my email to find the confirmation order number thru my email and it's kinda like a pain in the butt to do so. Anyway you can make it as simple as you did with Gmail and Calendar Checker Plus?

Thanks and keep up the good work and,....

Please don't sell your extensions to some adware company (LOL).


  • haha, thanks for the last note, I even update my FAQ to respond to that jasonsavard.com/wiki/Selling_my_extensions

    my screenshot extension is facing to much competition so i'm struggling to find development time for it, so I can't promise anything right now for that one.

    but thanks for noticing and using all my other extensions.
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