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Capturing images produces zoomed in or stretched images...

I love your extensions, excellent work. I am however running into some issues with the screenshot extension and would love to get it working...

When I use the "Grab selected area" option, it opens a page with the current page zoomed in to only a portion of the page, this image is of the screen that opens after clicking on "Grab selected area", I can scroll around to get to other portions of the page, but only a small portion can be seen: 

And it seems to be doing something similar when I try to grab the visible part of page too, this time I am only able to notate on the small zoomed in portion of the full visible part of the page:


And if I try to grab the entire page it is stretched:


Any thoughts as to why this is happening - perhaps they could all be related?



  • yeah this is related to your retina display which falsey states an incorrect zoom/DPI setting, I might have to disable the zoom checking for Macs althogether
  • Ah, I see... is there anything I can do with locally to override that, or is this only possible by an update to the extension on your part?
  • Actually you can try reducing the zoom to 50% or 200% (can't remember which to reverse it)
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