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Ability to Automatically Accept Meeting Invites in Google Calendar

I have searched through galaxies of search results, forums, blogs, apps and chrome extensions looking for a way to set my Calendar to automatically accept new meeting invites, and decline any invite that conflicts with an existing appointment. But I have found nothing but dead ends every time.

So help me Jason Savard, you're my only hope.

After looking through almost every Google Calendar extension, your's appears to be the most fitting and the most capable of providing this feature. There has to be a way. And if anybody can do this, you can.


  • lol, thanks for the strong suggestion ;)

    I will leave this thread open to listen to the demand and reasons for this feature first though.
  • Jason, I believe this Link to Google's API would help you solve the OP's suggestion. https://developers.google.com/google-apps/calendar/v3/reference/events

    I'm not good at developing Web Applications yet, but in AutoIt I could make something work. Anyways, I leave this for you to fix.
  • Thanks BetaLeaf for the help on this.

    After rereading my original post, I feel the need to clarify (since there was some confusion on a Google forum I posted on.) Google Calendar DOES have the ability to "Automatically Add Invitations to my Calendar," but the issue is that Google does not have the ability to send "Accept" or "Decline" replies to the meeting requester automatically. 
  • @BetaLeaf and Reuben

    Although the BetaLeaf is correct that the API can allow me to integrate this from my extension's point of view, I would rather this specific integration be done by Google Calendar. ...one reason is that if your computer is closed and my extension is not running it will not perform the accept/decline.
  • I had thought of that. Solid point. But my attempts at "feature requesting" this from Google have been futile. But I will continue to pursue it with them if you'd like to close this discussion.
  • Actually if you can post a link to that discussion in this thread that would be great.
  • edited June 2016
    I found some code that handles this with a Google App Script. It's a bit of a hassle to set up, but seems to work quite nicely.

  • TombasCohen: Nice chunk of code.  I could use that one step more accessible with notes on the setup.  I read through your comments and the code, but don't have the technical know how to use it. (Awkward place in life, to be able to read code but not readily know how to implement it so I can use it.)
  • edited September 2019

    It wasn't obvious to me at first how to use Google App Scripts. Finally found this: https://www.google.com/script/start/

    1) Create a new script

    2) Copy and paste both the Code.gs file and AutoResponse.html into your project.

    3) Go to File -> Project Properties and add a new Script Property named "Id" with your calendar ID as the value (usually your email address - you can find it in your calendar settings).

    4) You should now be able to run the script by selecting "ProcessInvites" in the top menu under the "Select function" dropdown and then clicking the play button next to it (note: the play button is disabled until you select an item in the dropdown)

    5) If things fail, you can debug yourself. I found the Logger helpful for this. You can view logs by selecting View -> Logs. For example, on line 46 I added this:


    Logger.log('Found calendar for "' + calendarId + '"');


    6) If everything works, you can create a trigger by going to Edit -> Current project's triggers and creating a new trigger to kick off your script.

    Good luck

  • Thanks a ton for the explanation - it works great. This should be a default option.

  • Hey @Ryan Wheale @Alex S I have followed the instructions and run successfully, I have even added the Logger.log to check everything works as it should, however the event is still not automatically accepted. I see the script runs successfully without error but the event still is not accepted. I have attached a screenshot of my trigger. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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