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Notifications are not staying and the drive button behavior has an issue


As per the discussion for the other extension, I understand that now due to Chrome, the notification are not staying. But I also noticed that if the PC is off, then past ones are even not displayed at all. This means that the only solution, as you suggested to use the extension top menu. This one indeed indicate the current number of notifications. But then, I have 2 issues with it :

1. One you clicked on it, even if you don't act (get to the notifcation menu and acto on them) the number will disappears, same for the notifications, whereas I did nothing on them yet. At this point you can't have them back in anyway. I would like to suggest that the notifications accumulate in this menu and that unless you act on them, they remain.

2. As discussed on another post, since we cannot MUTE anymore if you miss the chrome notification, then we should have the same features from the extension notification menu.

3. So now my only way is to look at the RECENT list and to see  what changes happened. But there I noticed that sometimes if I MARK AS READ multiple files, even if the  animation shows them going from bold to normal, once I click on a third one and come back I still see some of them in bold (unread) still. 

Kind regards.



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