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Print dialog?

Any thoughts on adding a print dialog/option?

Every couple weeks or so I find myself desiring this option, as it would eliminate a need to separately open the (Windows) snipping tool.


  • No sorry, I purposely didn't integrate any print functionality in all of my extensions because i'm the green programmer :) and i'm trying to discourage printing in this digital age.
  • I understand those sentiments completely.  I'm actually trying to print to PDF and/or my 'Neat' database for storing/organizing and submitting things electronically, such as expense reports.

    How about 'view image in new tab' where the image displays completely by itself without the 'download','upload', etc buttons at the top of the browser window?
  • Great idea, if you re-install to v8.0.16 there will now be a new "Open" button! and from there you can save to pdf in your browser window :)
  • Very cool, thank you for the consideration and implementation so expeditiously!
  • No problem and thanks for the contribution, great suggestions make great products :)
  • I understand that this is supposed to be green and you don't want to implement a print button but I do not see the OPEN button mentioned in this thread.  I know I can run the print dialog through the browser but I do not like the way that it just outlines the appointments in the dates - I really want it to print to a PDF as it looks on the screen with the different colors, etc. 

    Maybe the OPEN dialog does this but I can't find it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @DWS ... see screenshot above
  • Jason - I do not see this tool bar that you have a screen shot of.  I am using the most current version of chrome on a windows 10 computer.  I don't see it on the popout calendar or the detached version. This is all i see

  • @DWS You have incorrectly reported this issue under the wrong extension, I now see you are indicating the calendar extension - which has no such print option alternatives.
  • ahh - that would explain it.  I just did a search in the forum so I wasn't rehashing something old and didn't realize there were multiple boards.  Any chance to get this functionality in the Calendar extension?
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