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Mark As Viewed Malformed after first use

When I receive notifications that documents have changed, I click on the Checker Plus for Google Drive icon in Chrome. I can click on the vertical ellipse icon and choose "Market As Viewed". After doing so however, the next time I click on any of the ellipses the context menu offset causes it to be too far to the right and only part of the menu shows up. image


  • nice bug screenshot, i love it when it's easily communicated to me like this.
    the fix will be available in v7.0.10 to be released within the hour.
  • Jason,

    I can confirm that the issue I reported with the context menu getting cut off on the right is now fixed. However, in testing I did discover that a similar issues exists when you click the vertical ellipse on the last item in a list (if the list fills the page).
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