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MUTE is now REMOVE right ?


I used to see a "MUTE" option on a notification for a file, now it's "REMOVE". Does it do the same ?

Kind regards.



  • Send me a screenshot because I haven't updated anything concerning the mute.
  • Hi,

    Here you are.

  • edited December 2015
    Mute never existed there :) It exists in the notification.
    But that's a good suggestion.
  • Indeed MUTE was from the notification. I don't know why, but I'm not seeing all the notifications now, which means that I use the in the extension menu. So you confirm that using "REMOVE" does the same then the notification "MUTE" ?
  • No, Remove = Delete, I use the same icon and wording as Google Drive does to best represent that.

    Chrome's latest update to v47 made notifications automatically disappear, so i pushed a recent update so that the button will still show the number of modifications that you missed if you were not there when the notifications appeared.
  • OK clear now. Thanks
  • edited April 2016
    @jason.savard, what about the suggestion to have MUTE option from the notification windows on the extension in addition to the real notification (which tend to disappear way to fast) ?
  • i'll take note of it, but i presume if you miss the notification - then it's probably not distracting you and worth the muting ;) I don't want to clutter right menu too much with Mute right now as it might confuse users.
  • Well I use to receive many notifications  that it's quite complex when they all get displayed to mutée one of them in the middle. because when my PC start they will get displayed while everything is getting opened so it's necessary for me when I did decide to open the extension to decide then, once for all, to mute certain documents within all of them
  • Just added now in latest version.
  • Thanks a lot 
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