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Prevent existing Gmail tab from being re-used (open email in a new tab instead)

Would it be possible to get a feature added that forces any emails I open from the app to load in a new tab instead of reusing an existing Gmail tab? I like to keep multiple email threads open in seperate tabs while I'm working on things related to those threads, and it really bothers me that your app ruins this flow by grabbing whatever Gmail tab is available when emails are opened from the app. Offering the ability to use a new tab instead seems like fairly basic functionality and I'm disappointed it isn't available. If you do add such a feature, it should work when opening emails (or various sections of a Gmail account) from the app, such as by clicking on the new email notification or by clicking the various elements of the popup preview. Any chance of this happening?


  • It's a good suggestion, which way do you open your emails, via the notification or the top popup window?
  • Both, but more often from the notification.
  • I must admit one of the reasons I didn't even think of offering that separate gmail tab options is because it's pretty slow to load Gmail and then the email.

    There are current alternatives right now...
    1) After loading the email inside the same tab, you can just click Back on the browser
    2) You can also hold Ctrl while hitting the Back button and that will load another tab with your previous Gmail view
    3) In the notification options of my extension you can choose a button to "Open In Popup"
  • I would still prefer new tabs to all of those, even if it's a bit slow :)
  • ok here's my proposition, i'll add a new option under the notification buttons called
    "Open in new Gmail window"
    and for the top popup window, anytime you hold Ctrl while clicking the inbox or an open email button it will open it in a new Gmail window (if you don't hold ctrl it will perform it's basic current default action of looking for an existing window)
    good plan?

  • Sounds great! Thank you so much! :)
  • Done. Try out version 16.1
    - Added notification button option to "Open in new tab" (also hold Ctrl in popup window)
    - Added option to monitor "Important mail in Inbox"
    - Removed "External images" warning
    - Fixed email preview loading issue
    - Reload button on Mac fixed
    - Voice now waits for notification sound to finish
    - Added RTL in options

  • Thank you, again. I've been using and loving it since it was released. Much better flow for me now.
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