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Background colors for notification

Hi Jason,

I run Checker Plus on two instances of Slimjet, so that I can run two ebay accounts concurrently. Everything works fine, but it would be helpful if the background color of the desktop notifications could be set, so that it would be easy to see which account mail is coming in on.

I would think this would be a good feature even when running multiple accounts on a single instance of chromium.

All the best,


  • Actually when you run multiple accounts on a single instance the email address of the account is identified in the notification.
  • Yes, but that's not enough for quick identification. I'm usually doing something else, not necessarily on the computer though nearby, and cannot read the details. Also, I have the notify sound set differently on the two instances, which is a big help, but when I'm not present when the mail comes in, the later popup at new user activity (a great feature, btw), has no sound, so again I don't know which instance to go to.

    Perhaps there aren't many with this problem, but I thought I'd broach it with you.

    Be well.
  • edited November 2015
    I could introduce a setting to force the displaying of the account (even if only 1 account is set per instance) but i don't have any control on Chrome's notification colors.
  • Ok. Thanks for the feedback. 
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