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dropbox feature

can you add dropbox to save images ! i thing all users will like this feature 


  • it's a good suggestion - I wonder which is more popular Google Drive or Dropbox, would you know?
  • i think both a lot of people love dropbox, as you can see http://i.imgur.com/w5XcxRP.png dropbox users now 400M 
  • Interesting, I did some research also https://www.google.ca/trends/explore#q=dropbox, google drive&cmpt=q&tz=Etc/GMT+5

    I've also investigated it more and it would require some permissions to integrate this dropbox and currently I'm pushing my screenshot extension as the only "no permissions" screenshot extension.

    Note: That the Google Drive integration requires you to install another extension which therefore mitigates the permission issue with my screenshot extension.
  • I've noticed that, no permission required ! but i think that doesn't make sense ! you need give your extension some permissions ! it difficult for me to install another extension to save my screenshot in google drive
  • You've immersed yourself in a world where you think most permissions are required! Which is not safe and that's why I created my extension, it's more difficult for developers but much more friendly for users. You were able to install the screenshot extension so I presume if you want the added Google Drive feature you could install the drive extension. Note: The drive extension is from the same developer, me ;)
  • i know you made the other extension which allow me to save my screenshot to google drive ! I'll admit you are a good developer but I was trying to say to add one permission ! it will be easy for your users to save their screenshot in google drive, of course not the permission *http/*https which Give access to Control all sites.
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