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You can remove the option to "Always display external content" now.

Under the display tab of settings there's an option to "Always display external content (such as images)."
Now that Google Caches their images they no longer ask if you'd like to see the images so you can remove that option.
Here's the news article in case you missed it:


  • Thanks for the heads up, I was waiting for it to finally be pushed to all users and confirmed that it works before removing that option. It will disappear in the next version (and will clean up the annoying message also), thanks again.
  • Please reinstate this. Gmail still allows you to disable image loading, so for consistency and spam reduction, I think your extension should too. Thank you.

  • I'll have to do some research on this topic again unless you can help me by directing me to more info on how spammers are still able to take advantage of this, because I thought all images were being hosted on google's servers now.
  • :( back and forth with this one, I must admit Google's spam detection does't even let the emails be detected by my extension since they mostly end up in the spam folder so this avoids the image loading issue altogether. I'll star this thread and will look into making it an opt in. like Google I guess.
  • Ok in version 17.1.3 I will bring back the option to hide external images, but i'll change the default behavior to show external images, just as Gmail is doing now :)
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