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file's naming / automatic tags / URL source address as header and footer on the capture

Hi Jason, 
How are you?

A little worry which always bother me from any other app: the file naming.
Is there a way that once the screenshot is set, the file name will include at least the URL domain name.… indexed with the title page?
Now by default, the app name "file.png" it is very … minimalist.
You succeed to set the address of the capture on the image itself.
this shouldn't be a problem to replicated it partially as the filename.

Automatic tags pull out from the name or even from the page code could do a great job too.

the header / footer which display the source name, will need some improvements. 
What about adding a thin top and bottom white stripe?
Easily, we could read the useful info. 
Thank you.
all the best


  • good suggestions, i have added the url to the file name in v8.0.13
    and i've added a small shadow to the header/footer to make it a little nicer :)
  • Hello Jason!

    Maybe you can add here another thing! 

    We´re not able to edit this file name before saving. Can you change it?

    Greetings from Germany.

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