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Show read emails in popup window?

edited October 2015 in Checker Plus for Gmail
Currently, the popup window only shows unread emails.  Is there an option to show all emails from the inbox, including read emails?


  • Did you remove this option?  I don't see it under the Display tab.

    • I added an experimental option "Remember read emails" under the "Display" tab to simulate an inbox
  • Yes, it has been replaced with the Gmail inbox view which offers full inbox control
  • Gotcha.  Thank you.
  • so isn't that possible to show read mails with 'checkbox plus' view? not inbox view.
    sorry, but i didn't found answer for that
  • @ConstantineGosteev Why re-invent the wheel if the full inbox version exists already via Gmail website and the inbox view in my extension. The extension's purpose is to quickly go through your new incoming emails.
  • @Jason
    thanks for replying. anyway, i think it would be great to have that option. i after have many postponed mails that are already read in my inbox, and it would be convenient to reply to them directly inside popup :)
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