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I'm on a 27'' iMac, late 2009, using Mavericks and the latest version of Chrome.

The extension is incredibly useful and well-done, so thank you for that. But honestly the interface is breathtakingly ugly. That scrollbar... Really...

On top of that, it's kinda impossible to resize the window. This is what happens when I try to resize: http://d.pr/i/caPB

If I open an e-mail in that resized window and return to the unread mail list, this is what happens: http://d.pr/i/ihQx

I must admit I'm looking for trouble here. As I said I'm immensely happy with the extension overall, and have been for quite some time. An interface overhaul would be lovely, though.

One more thing: The popup window behaves more like an overlay than a window. When I click the notification, if the Chrome window is not in focus (if, say, the Steam window is active), I have to switch to the Chrome window to see the popup window. I think if I click the notification, the window should should automatically become the active window.

That's all. Thanks again for the amazing for you've been doing.
P.S. You're hot!


  • > On top of that, it's kinda impossible to resize the window. This is what happens when I try to resize: http://d.pr/i/caPB

    Loving the plugin, but I do echo the issue of resizing the popup window. On a 27inch monitor, the popup window is too small, but I can't resize it. (I know in the donation package I can resize the compose/reply window, I donated, but I wish I can resize the popup window as well).
  • How are you guys reaching that popup window? Which exact steps are you taking?
  • I'm not sure I understand what you're asking exactly, but in any case, I don't take any extraordinary steps:

    1. I get new e-mail notification.

    2. I click it.

    3. Pop up window opens (which I don't see, unless Chrome is already active.)

    4. I try resize the window and all I get is extra blank space with stunted scrollbars: http://d.pr/i/caPB

    Sorry if this isn't what you were asking.
  • ok i've discovered the issue, it's because you have set the notification click option to "Open in popup"
    which I forgot about that feature :) i'll fix it in version 16.2 (because 16.1 is already rolling out)
  • Oh, you actually forgot that you can open in popup? No wonder the interface design is horrid  :D
    I hope this doesn't mean this feature will get ditched some time soon. This is what makes Gmail Checker so useful for me. Cause Google's own desktop notifier can open a tab, too.
  • actually it's the same interface that is used from the button popup window :) i was lazy.
    I just checked the stats and it seems the "Open In Popup" is not very popular, it's actually ranked after "Mark as spam" .. interesting
    but since it's the same code as the button popup window it'll be easy to keep and maintain except for a couple nuances such as windows resizes (note: that will be fixed in the next version)
  • I love the popup window feature. 
    Maybe it's not popular because it's not a default behavior. 
    I like it because it's much faster to open a mail, you don't have to wait for Gmail to do the "loading" thing. 
  • Exactly. That's how I make sure that I can get through e-mails and notifications quickly. I find it mind-boggling that it's not very popular, not to mention Jason Savard himself forgot about it!
  • I understand how it could be popular, but statistically of those who choose to actually change the default behaviour of the notification buttons - the open in popup just isn't people's choice. My guess is that people want a full fledged Gmail window or they are using the top button for the popup window instead.

    hmm but I do realize now that you don't even need a Chrome window open for this "open in popup" feature, but then again who doesn't have Chrome open :)

    it's actually getting pretty difficult though to guess how my user's are actually using my app (especially given all the customization now), so all this feedback is a good learning experience for me.
  • Yes, you actually did put a LOT of customisations. I go through them every now and then, but honestly, I don't change a lot.

    How about having the button in Chrome create a popup?
    Currently it says "open popup preview." It's the same as popup, I guess, but a smaller window and its size and position are absolutely fixed.

    I dunno. I'm just trying to use you to create my dream checker :P
  • edited June 2014
    Sorry for digging out this old thread. I just want to second the request of Emrecan: It would be really great to have an option for opening the popup window independently of the Desktop notification.

    For me it's one of the most useful features of your extension as it provides a quick dig into your new mails without having to wait for the whole Gmail interface to load. I like it better than the popup next to the extension icon in Chrome's omnibox, because it's position/size are configurable and it stays open while browsing other tabs.

    Maybe you could implement an option to pop out the window when middle clicking on the extension icon. Or add a button to the (default top right) popup to open it in a separate window. That would make an already great extension even better.
    Thanks for your work and the nice and prompt support anyway!
  • Ok in version 17.3 (not 17.2 as it's already rolling out) ... I will add a new option to these existing... "Open Checker Plus in separate popup window" would that work?

    Button click action: 
  • That would be awesome. Thanks a lot for working through this beautiful Montreal summer! And thank you, Simon, for pushing this through.
  • "That would be awesome. Thanks a lot for working through this beautiful Montreal summer! And thank you, Simon, for pushing this through."

    Signed. Everything. Thanks for your work, Jason and thank for your initial request, Emrecan.

    Just one thing to add: It would be even better if we could use the popup both the normal way and open it in a separate window. If you add this option in the settings we can only have a popup OR a window. I actually use the popup quite regularly and only like to have a separate window opened from time to time.

    For my personal needs it would be great to be able to open the window with a Ctrl/Middle-Click on the extension icon. Or, second possibility: add a button to the normal poup (e.g. in the top bar next to the options/refresh/open Gmail in a tab buttons) that opens the popup in a standalone window.

    If that's impossible or too complicated: no problem and thanks anway.
  • Try holding Ctrl when clicking the maximize button in my popup window :) ... i forgot about that one.
  • Haha ;)
    Checker Plus seems to be not only one of the most useful extensions, but also one the most surprising - even for the developer himself. Any other hidden easter eggs like this one?
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