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SORTING & Viewing Emails in the list format

When viewing emails in the List format (example. Everything under Promotions).
1. Make a sort view button that shows everything in the "FROM" field, (accending & descending)
2. Make a sort view button that shows everything in the "SUBJEST" field, (accending & descending)

I have this feature in an Email program called KERIO, this is the most important and used feature in the program, for me.
It allows me to quickly know who is spamming me, and what vendors are sending out too many advertisements.
This is a program change, I am requesting. Yes, I am a contributor to you, I sent you a $50 donation 2-weeks ago.


  • Noted. However, my extension is meant for quickly accessing your unread emails, this might be more of a Gmail website suggestion. https://support.google.com/mail/suggestions/16932
  • Jason, this link does nothing for me, I can't even make a suggestion on it, about what I want.
    I guess making a $50.00 online donation to you was just nothing more than a waste of time & money.
    Well, I learned a cheep leason about making online donations to develop. Worth the money spent (lost / thrown away).

  • I receive suggestions everyday and purposely created this forum so that I can hear what the majority of my users want. There are a lot of suggestions that I am currently implementing everyday to please the masses and make proper use of my time. If you are interested, here is how i prioritize my requests http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Prioritizing_requests
    Thanks again for your suggestion. Unfortunately, I will not be implementing it at this time, unless I receive more requests for it from other users. I understand your disappointment and I have no problem refunding you if that would make you feel more comfortable. Simply let me know and I will proceed. 
    Thank you for your understanding.   
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