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Copy & Paste Screenshot image into Emails

As per mail I sent. This used to work nicely as a "left click, copy and paste into email" but now the image does not show. I need to download the image and attach to the email. I used this a lot and hope you might be able to allow it as a paste into html mails. 



  • edited October 2015
    Thanks for posting here.
    Just to re-iterate there was never a "left" click to copy image, it was always a "right" click on the image. Here is the example of the right click and I am able to paste into several websites or applications, ie. Gmail or Google Docs or even MS Paint.
    Into which application are you trying to paste it into?

    ps. Again out of curiosity can ask why initially used my email? as i'm trying to redirect all app issues to this forum.

  • I used mail as I did not know there was a forum. 

    Mail client is Gmail. All I can say that it used to work, now it doesn`t. 

    Actually I use a Mac, ha! Forgot what click it should be. Mac is CTRL + Click, no left or right. ;)

    Anyway it doesn`t seem to show the image now. At least for me. In Chrome.
  • edited October 2015
    I just tested it on a Mac and it works. Is this the Gmail website that you are trying to paste the image into?

    ps. Right click on Mac mousepad is hitting the mouse pad with 2 fingers at the same time or if using a 1 button mouse I believe it's hold down the mouse button for a 1 second.
  • Interesting. Yep, it works for 2-finger Mouse click. It used to work for CTRL+ Mouse Click!! I swear. Anyway now I will just use the 2-finger trick. Thanks.
  • Thanks again for using the forum so others can learn that trick also :)
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