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Problems since the latest update (19.0.29)

Hi Jason,

since the update to version 19.0.29, I have two problems:

1. Links don't open in a background tab any longer, when I middle click them in the pop-up-window. Strangely enough, it works perfectly for the first polling after restarting Chrome. This only occurs when a new mail arrives and the pop-up is opened from the notification.

2. When I scroll down within a mail in the pop-up-window, delete it, and open the next one, the scroll position stays the same and I have to scroll back to the top.

I suppose the problems are related to the aforementioned update. I've tried it with all three version of Chrome (Stable, Beta and Dev), that doesn't make any difference.

Thanks for your help in advance!


  • 1) This is a Chrome issue (probably with latest update) any links opened within a detached window will push the the window to the background while it loads the middle clicked link.

    2) Just tested and it worked for me.

    ps. The latest version is now v19.0.32 maybe these issues are resolved - but I have not directly dealt with them.
  • Thanks for your blazingly fast response!
  • Just a short update: The issue has been reported as a bug over here and should be fixed soon, according to this answer.
  • Sorry for getting on your nerves. The problem still exists, although the corresponding Chrome bug has been reported as fixed.

    I'm quite sure that it's related to your extension. It only occurs when I open the popup from a notification for a single new mail. Whenever I get a notification for multiple new mails (when clicking it, the popup opens the inbox with all unread mails instead of the single new one), everything works fine and clicking the links with the middle mouse button opens new tabs in background without switching the focus to Chrome.

    Might it be related to the issue reported by Arnold over here
  • Yes if you opening previous threads in an email then there is a known issue, but all links in the last message of an email should work correctly with the clicking.
  • Unfortunately, for me the issue occurs for all emails, not only for previous threads. I just thought it might be related, as the behavior reported by Arnold sounds similar to my problem. But he is referring to the extension's popup in the top right (where middle clicks work perfectly fine for me), while I was talking about the standalone popup windows.

    Maybe, this announcement might change the whole notification behavior anyway.
  • Thanks for the announcement this will mainly affect my calendar extension since the reminder must remain - but in the case of the Gmail extension the email notifications are temporary and disappear.

    I would be curious if you had a video or a series of screenshots to show me exactly the issue - just to be sure were on the same page.
  • edited October 2015
    Of course! I've uploaded the video over here. (Edit: All clicks on the link in the popup window are middle clicks.)

    The issue doesn't occur when I open the popup window from a notification for multiple new mails (e.g. after a Chrome restart or when two mails arrive in a single polling interval). Then, the popup windows doesn't open one single mail but shows an overview of all unread mails instead. When I select one of those mails, the containing links open in a background tab without shifting focus to Chrome. (I can demonstrate this with a video as well, if my explanation isn't clear enough.)
  • excellent, but will have to re-iterate that this is a Chrome issue any links opened within a detached window will push the the window to the background while it loads the middle clicked link.

    You can test this with popup windows that are not related to extensions too.

  • Okay, thanks. But I still don't understand why everything works fine when opening the popup window from a multiple-mail-notification (sorry for the music in the background, that wasn't intended).
  • edited October 2015
    ah, now I understand, the videos helped immensely, you were correct about questioning this bug, thank you, this will be fixed in v19.0.38
  • Great, thanks a lot!
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