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Polling interval

I'd really like to see more polling interval options. From 1m to 5m is a big gap. I'm looking for something around 2.5 minutes.



  • Thanks for your suggestion Paul. I'll have to get back to you on that. 
  • Ok the next version will have a new 2 minute option
  • Thanks jason.
  • Thanks, Jason. Awesome!

  • Wow glad you already noticed it, can I ask how you were made aware of it?
  • I just set up a new user profile in Slimjet (Chromium), for a separate ebay account I use for buying. In setting it up and adding extensions I noticed the addition. :) Nice coincidence! (BTW I'm a $upporter. Very nice piece of work you've done.)
  • Thank you very much for the support, ps I must emphasize that I can't support non stable Chrome versions though, but if it works... great.
  • Slimjet is usually a couple of versions of Chromium behind, so that they can make sure their amendments (and there are quite a few) do not conflict with the core. Lately that gap widened, though, because of the "Ok Google" mess they wanted to avoid in v 44, I think it was. That should have been over with with the recent introduction of SJ 5, but I've had problems with it and have had to stick with v4 for the time being. No extension problems as yet that I know about.
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