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Undo option not working

When you click the undo button option on your "Screenshot" what is it suppose to do? Because, when I click it, it doesn't do anything. Is it like other undo button that allow to backtrack your previous actions? If that's the case it's not working and it's pretty irritating to have to continuously start over if you make one mistake.  


  • It toggles your "last" action only. So don't make more than 1 mistake in a row :)
    But i'll consider this as a suggestion to undo multiple mistakes.
  • I enthusiastically support multiple undo. The inability to do that is a serious impediment to this product's usefulness. Also the ability to move and resize text boxes once they are drawn. 
  • @FrancesCherman Just added support for multiple undo in v8.3.4  and you were right, it was much needed thanks for the feedback. You can force the update by re-installing the extension or wait for the automatic update in a few days.
  • Yay! Thanks so much. You rock! And now, about those movable text boxes ... ;-)
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