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Imgur account support

I would like all my screenshots uploaded to be saved to my account (so I can keep track and delete later). It has been a while since I've used the extension, and I'd hope this would have been added in. This would really be useful - unless the xtension allows me to delete my past uploads (which I think it can't).


  • Imgur always provides a delete link for images you share on imgur.

  • Yes, but it doesn't keep track of my links for me. Imgur does if you are signed into their account. We won't have to worry about saving the delete links. And if my browser crashed before I even got to saving the delete link, assuming I wasn't busy and had a text file that has hundreds of delete links and their image links (which isn't awesome for looking up which image to delete btw), then I've got no recourse. I hope you are able to see my view.
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