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Unable to select folders

I am unable to select the folders or documents to receive notifications on. Is there a way to select only certain folders?


  • Yup, ensure you have v6.0.18 of the extension and then you will little bells on the right of the folders you want to get notifications for.
  • I am just not seeing the Bells. This tool will make my life so much better. My boss is always dropping Google Docs in a shared folder and not telling anyone until they are past due. 
    It says I have Version 6.0.21.
    Will that one also have the Bells?
    Makes for stressful work.
  • That's the good version just enable the notifications in the extension's options.
  • I did and received a notification. But I do not see the Bell.
    I have of these checked:


  • Can you send me a screenshot of your popup?
    Here is mine below and you can see the bells way to the right.

  • Here is what I see
  • ah good bug finding, indeed you are probably on a laptop screen which renders the popup a bit more narrow on your screen which is cutting of the bells on the right. I am posting a fix in v6.0.22 and it will be live in ~hour, just perform an extension update at that point.

    Thank you for the screenshot it lead me right to the issue.
  • Thank you so much for working through this with me! 
  • Any way to keep get back to the Notifications? They disappear once you view it.
  • Well most modified files should be in the recent or shared with me folder. But yeah I could work on maintaining a list.
  • THANK YOU!!!! It works beautifully and I know I will not miss files added by my boss. Sending lots of appreciation your way!
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