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Compatible with ChromeOS?

Hey Jason.  This is azactly what I have been looking for, but after installing the extension on my Chromebook Pixel, the extension button will not show my drive files.  It works as a shortcut to my drive, but wont show its contents.  I saw in another thread that you wanted someone to show the console errors in the developer mode so here they are.



  • The errors seems to be related to the granting access, can you try signing out and into your Google account and try re-granting access - ps. you can revoke access via the options.
  • Its a chromebook, so i logged out and in and no dice, I even allowed in incognito to force a signin and i still didn't have access to files in the extension.
  • When i install the extension, it does not ask me to grant access like your other extensions do.
  • Could it have anything to do with me using a google apps for education account?
  • Totally my mistake on this one, I pushed an update that broke something a few days ago, I just came back from camping and fixed it now, update to v6.0.20 (it should go live in about an hour from the time of writing this statement)
  • Works now.  Seriously, my new favorite extension.  Big props.
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