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Jump to another date?

Hi, how do you fast jump to another date, let's say a few months down the line if you want to add an event?


  • In which view calendar, agenda etc.?
    and more importantly how do you do this on the Google Calendar website? (as an example for me to follow)
  • In the opening screen where it says:
    Aug. 9-15 < >
    In Google you do that by in the upper left of the screen.

  • So those arrows just skip back and forth by a period consistent of their view name, ie. month view would skip by month, week view by week etc.
  • Still, if you jump by month, you can only put in a event as full day event, not for a specific time?
  • When you click on a day in the calendar a dialog should appear and you can enter the time with the event.

  • Jason --- Im on today screen (week view). I want to see whats doing on Sep 29 this year. Is there a "Jump to/Go To" feature in your extension. Thx
  • @JonBattle i'll take note of that as a suggestion, thank you.
  • Just FYI - there is a "Lab" in Google calendar for this so apparently it is not native the product. See below. Thx
  • @JonBattle and @RolandWaardenburg
    Good news v21.1.2 will have click on date in header to jump to any date.
    Thanks for your suggestions.
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