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can't choose all accounts in dropdown list for adding events

If you want to add an event for an account that is way down in the dropdown list, you can't select that account.


  • Can you send me a screenshot?
  • ah good bug finding, thank you for the screenshot, i'll look into that.
    for an alternative for now, i guess click inside the calendar as that "calendar dropdown" works from the small dialog box.
  • Is the same by the way for dropdown options.
  • Are you sure because this alternative dropdown is completely different look at my screenshot...
  • Works on desktop, not on laptop, where you don;t see feedback e.g. and when you scroll down the dropdown disappears. I  am talking about the Options menu now. The calendar dropdown now works both on laptop and desktop.
  • So that's the dropdown where the three dots are up right in the opening screen.
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