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Can't capture pop up windows....

I'm not a techie so I'm probably not using the proper terminology. I need to capture the pop up from a webpage and not the main webpage. MS snipping tool easily gets these but since I am on a Chromebox 90% of the time your Screen shots is closet thing to snipping tool for Chrome (yes, almost perfect). When the pop up window is up and I click Screenshot it minimizes pop up window i'm trying to capture. (e.g. Chrome RDP)  If this doesn't make sense I can send you a short screencast video to explain.  Thanks-dc


  • Use the "Grab the entire screen" menu item when you click the screenshot button.
  • Tried that, as soon as I click the icon to capture it minimizes pop ups.
  • yup, I understand but read the instructions...
    essentially if you use the shortcut keys prtscr (for PC) it will save the entire screen in memory, then you can use the popup button > "open from clipboard/memory"
  • No images in clipboard!

    Try right clicking on an image and select Copy image
  • hmm did you try using WindowKey+PrnStr and then use the "Grab the entire page"
  • Nothing.. sorry
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