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Wrong time in emails


The time displayed for email reception/arrival doesn't appear to be correct, see below times displayed are 08:47 and 05:30 when they should be 08:47 and 14:24

Also I'm not sure where the "Promotions" tag is being displayed when I'm not using this in Gmail?




  • I'm using "Add accounts and stay signed in"

    Thanks for the quick reply
  • can you try the other method "temporarily" to see if that fixes that issue?
  • Thanks it works as expected with the other method, and reverts back to wrong time if I change back to "Add accounts and stay signed in"

  • ok thanks, i'll investigate, how long have you been using this manual method?
    let me know if this is a regular occurrence with other emails etc. going forth.
  • Thanks Jason

    I've been using it for a very long time now (I can't remember when I started it). I've only just noticed this so not sure whether it's a new thing or something I never noticed before.

    I'll keep an eye on it. Do you just need examples, or are there any logs I can activate and provide?
  • This might be tough but if you can do it good luck :)
    go into Options > Admin >  Log messages in Javascript Console
    then restart the extension
    then make sure that "problem date email" is unread and then

    1. Click the Chrome menu image > Tools > Extensions
    2. Select Developer mode at the top right
    3. Find the extension and click the background link
    4. Then find "parsed parts parsed" and open the nodes as show below until you find the "date" node and let me know if that number is more accurate

  • That's all I have...

  • hmm and you enabled this ? ... Options > Admin >  Log messages in Javascript Console
  • Doh. forgot the Javascript bit.

    So I can see 5 occurrences of "parsed parts parsed"

    It seems only the last one has the "payload" entry.

    the first object is your last email and shows up at 15:55 when it was received at 16:55 (so GMT, which would make sense as I'm in the UK on BST = GMT +1)

    The 2nd object looks quite different:

    The last one looks ok:
  • Not sure if it helps, but I have another example.
    Gmail shows 17:17 as the delivery time, but the extension shows 17:16.
    Here are the logs
  • ok good were getting there except, let's try to target that precise "You'e reserved Windows" email, can you mark all your other emails as read, and then only that windows one as unread then restart the extension and it should be the only "parsed parts" node visible.

    ps. i wouldn't pay much attention to that 17:17 / 17:16 discrepancy that could be a seconds rounding issue.
  • Thanks. This is what I get:
  • Hmm looks like the date field is 22:30:54 (-0600)
    however, that actually equates to 5:30:54 (+0100)
    and that is supposedly the wrong time that is also displayed in your popup.
    I dont think I can do anything about this one, as it seems google is pushing the wrong time to me for this particular email. (which i dont' understand)

    let's see if this is a recurring thing and I might have to report it.

    try to notice your times going forth and let me know if you encounter another issue.

    ps. is it possible there were 2 consecutive "windows reserved" emails sent and it's pulling the time of the 1st one?
  • Thanks, I think you're onto something :)
    I forwarded the email at 15:15, the original email was indeed at 05:30.Not sure why Google is showing the original email with the time I forwarded it.
    I guess your app works better than Google's, Kudos :)
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