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Feature requests: Blur, shape fill, and a real eraser ;-)

  1. A "blur" tool would be extremely useful for obscuring private information in screenshots. The CSS3 declaration "filter:blur(20px)" would do it. 
  2. I tried using the "eraser" and was startled to find it isn't an "eraser" at all – it's an "obscurer" that makes fat, worm-like shapes reminiscent of graffiti. While I can definitely find a use for that effect, it's not at all what I expected from an eraser. How about making the eraser a real eraser? Alternatively, you could change the icon to resemble a can of spray paint. ;-)
  3. It would be great to be able to fill the ovals and rectangles with a color, especially when writing text on a busy screenshot.

Thanks for your great work!



  • Pinging an old feature request!

    So cool that the blur and eraser ("Delete Selection") features suggested here have been implemented.

    Would LOVE filled rectangle / oval options as suggested in bullet #3. This would occasionally make it easier to obscure large areas and would work better than "Delete Selection" which adds a white rectangle. An obscure rectangle / oval could also be really great, as I'm often too sloppy and inexact with the freehand obscure tool.

    Thanks for making this great (and permissions-free) tool!
  • @GlassMiller Did you try the Background option when using the Text tool?

  • Thanks for the quick reply!

    To get an empty black box using the Text tool as currently implemented I'd have to add spaces and newlines. Without these extra characters the text box shrinks to the size of a single empty character.

    See screenshot below. The empty black text box is where it says "24 minutes ago"

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