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Suggestion: Attract more users to CP for GD by changing its name to highlight its main benefit.

I had installed CP for Google Drive a while ago, mainly because I liked CP for Gmail and Calendar. But I never got around to actually using it because the name led me to believe its primary function was to notify me when changes are made to Google documents – a function already available in Google Drive, albeit through email. 

It wasn't until today while poking around your site that I realized it does something much more valuable: It lets me find and open a document without having to first load the Drive page. I'll bet there are others out there who might pass it by, thinking they don't need a "checker" for Google Drive, and those same people would want the extension if its name reflected what, for me, is by far its greatest benefit. 

I write advertising copy for a living (in addition to doing web development), and I've named many a product for clients whose names you'd recognize, but in appreciation for your fabulous work, I offer the following "thought starters" with my compliments. They're not going to win any prizes for cleverness, but they'll do well in the Chrome store when users search by function:

  • Direct Access for Google Drive
  • Direct Access to Google Drive Files
  • Instant File Access for Google Drive
  • File Opener for Google Drive (this is the most descriptive, but it's pretty sleepy)
  • Google Drive File Manager (this encompasses both the access and deleting functions, but it may promise too much because there's no way to move or rename files)
  • File Direct for Google Drive
  • Open Google Drive Files Directly (Zzzzzzzzz)
  • Bye-Bye Google Drive Index
  • Faster Access to Google Drive
  • Google Drive Direct
  • Google Drive Direct Access
  • Direct Index to Google Drive
  • to be continued (hopefully) by you, me, and other fans...


  • It's an interesting thought, however, many of users now recognize me and my extensions by my alias which has now become the "Checker Plus" guy (good for indexing) and desktop notifications are still the main strength of most of my extensions. For instance there's been strong demand in my drive extension to be able to monitor selective folders for file modifications (ie. desktop notifications)
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