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Ctrl-tab support


The "recent tabs" plugin does not allow you to input Ctrl-Tab as the keyboard shortcut, because it switches the tab while you try to edit it.

But, if the plugin supported using the "Keyboard shortcuts" link that Chrome provides on the bottom-right of its extension menu, it could be done.

Apparently Ctrl-Tab didn't used to be allowed, but this is no longer the case as Ctrl-Tab MRU plugin works in the way described above (albeit for MS-Windows only, it claims).

Thanks for reading.


  • wow, you're right, can I ask why don't you just use the Ctrl-Tab MRU extension instead of my extension?
  • I chose not to use Ctrl-Tab MRU because it seems clunky.  It has this habit of opening a "tab" for a split second to do its internal "figure out the tab to open" work, which is ugly and very distracting.

    Also, I just noticed that after disabling your script temporarily and re-enabling it later, I can't set the key in the options any more.  This small YouTube video shows me trying it and hitting F5 after saving.  (The video is not public, by the way.)

  • you forgot the video i think, but it's ok.
    i also did some tests and noticed that the shortcut key that i'm using as default Ctrl ~
    is not allowed in the chrome shortcut, so that's going to create some confusion in my reprogramming this thing, i'll see what i can do
  • Hmm, I'm wondering if it filtered out the video link.  I even double checked it!  That said, if you would still like to see it, the video code is:   C11Ff5geQMw  for the v= URL link part.

    Also, thanks for the quick replies!
  • ok nice video :) yeah it's ok, it will still work, even though it doesn't show up in the options page "after" you set it.
  • Right on.  Also, regarding what you said above, did you mean you may look into the possibility of either 1) supporting Ctrl-Tab, or 2) looking into the "Keyboard shortcuts" idea?
  • i'll look into supporting the chrome shortcut which in turn will allow for the ctrl-tab, note: i actually already use these chrome shortcuts in my other extensions :) so i'm well versed in them for my gmail and calendar extensions which you can find here http://jasonsavard.com
  • Oh nice.  I noticed another thing since we're on topic... it seems hitting the "key" you've chosen does not work if you are in the location bar.
  • edited January 2014
    Ok, try out version 3.0, i suggest uninstalling your version and installing version 3 so that you can fully test my newest version for me :)

    and checkout the options page
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