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Shortcut for opening accounts

Hi again Jason,

I'm putting this under Gmail - Questions because i'm not sure if it already exists or not.

I've done what you suggested by setting a chrome hotkey for the extension button and wrote a quick Autoit script that will execute / activate chrome and then open the extension.

My question now is more related to the hotkeys that are allowed in your extension.

I run with the setting to start with accounts collapsed, but would like to remain on the keyboard as much as possible when opening the extension. Is there a way that I can toggle the account I have linked?

Thanks again!



  • so this would be a suggestion for a new shortcut key, however how would you propose navigating with the keyboard to select a particular account and opening that one etc.
  • I think it would be pretty intuitive if the UI would recognize that this setting were on and the up down arrow would move between accounts and enter would open the currently selected account. Basically the same as default mail operation within a single account where the directional arrows move between conversations and enter opens them, but one logical level up. 

    Currently, when opening the UI (tested with the default collapsed setting used) focus doesn't seem to be anywhere on it until I click on one of those accounts. Once the account is selected the keyboard works as expected.

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