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Checker Plus App

Hi Jason,

I use your Checker Plus extensions heavily for quickly keeping up on multiple email accounts and staying current on my meetings and other appointments at work. One thing that I have noticed a desire for (not just with your extensions) is a chrome frame of sorts (like the new app launcher) that would only have the purpose of running and providing access to extensions that have a UI so that I can get to them a spot quicker. I don't know what it means for something like that to happen or what it would cost for you to develop an app version of the extensions to be located in the apps launcher.

Thanks for your work,



  • interesting suggestion, migrating the extension popup window outside of the frame of the Chrome browser, might be challenging though and I don't think the API i'm provided gives me that access quite yet.

    One thing I've done is I created shortcut keys to my extension's. More info  http://googlesystem.blogspot.ca/2012/08/create-keyboard-shortcuts-for-chrome.html
    ...although your Chrome browser must be the active window for the shortcut keys to be active. But you can also add shortcut keys to your OS so that then in turn can activate the shortcut keys on the Chrome browser - I do this via http://www.autohotkey.com/ and then the simple touch of an F1 key for instance would put your Chrome browser in the foreground and activate the button and present you with the popup window to the extension of your choice (assuming that extension has a popup window)
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