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different calendars for quick add

edited January 2014 in General
Would go 5 stars if you could quick add events for different calendars, or am I missing something?


  • Thanks for using the proper medium to contact me :) I've been trying to reach you ... i've integrated that suggestion in version 16.1 (it has already been pushed to 20% of my users for testing) If you aren't in that testing pool, you can force the update now by re-installing the extension or wait 3 days for me to push it to all users. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • Thanks! I'll wait and shiver and high five!
  • You saw my update :) Thanks for the 5 star, enjoy.
  • Well it could be usefull but when I'm using "quick add" to add some info, it's important to me to add this with actual time. In older versions this was default but now it's always "all day event". Remedy for this was "quick add dropdown" but now it's gone because of lack of popularity :( But this is only my opinion, maybe you (or anybody) got any advise for me to solve this inconvenience? Thanks in advance and best regards :)
  • you can just enter the time you want write in the quick add so ex.

    lunch a 2pm
  • Yes, that already worked, now I have the same functionality as within Google calendar, but lots more convenient.
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