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New design, please enable text instead of icons only

Perhaps it's just me but I have no clue what all the icons mean and it just seems a lot less intuitive to me.

Also, the buttons and text are far too big with the new version, but that might have been fixed already (don't see it in my version though).


  • edited July 2015
    Good suggestion, I should start that I have used the same icons that are used Gmail for Android (the most common mobile operating system in the world) for consistency and intuitiveness ... since words can be lengthy and confusing in different languages.

    Good news is that I've created a Skins & Themes which allows users such as yourself to completely customize the look and feel of the popup. It already has the "small header" skins and the "small buttons" skins amonst many more that I keep adding.
  • Hello Jason,

    I cannot live without checker plus and the new material design has made it unusable. This was a great utility with its simple UI prior to being a material overhaul. Can you please allow some of us to use the previous theme. I will donate more to the cause! Cheers!!
  • @vandy.meares

    Make sure you have the latest version 19.0.17 as I have done lots of improvements since it's the initial new design release 2 months ago.
  • I have the latest version now, that makes everything a lot more usable indeed. Thanks for all the great work, if you ever need help developing, let me know :)

    Perhaps as an alternative to having text with the buttons, make an instant (or configurable amount of time) mouseover/hover explanation. The alt/title tooltips work but they're quite slow.
  • I do have some strange styling issues, the menu text size appears inconsistent:

  • edited July 2015
    Thanks for the notes, and yeah the menu styling is because some menu items have icons the left, thus increasing their height. I'm waiting to upgrade the framework in the future before fine-tuning this.
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