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Your extension incorrectly claims my Chromebooks are not using the Stable channel of Chrome

I have two Chromebooks.  Both fully updated and using the Stable channel.  I have never used any other channel but Stable.  After installing your extension, I get a pop up message on both my Chromebooks claiming I am not using the Stable channel.  I have included a screenshot.

I do not get this message on my Windows computer, which has the Chrome browser installed.  It too is fully updated.


  • Which precise Chrome version are you using on your Chrome OS machine?
    Note: This where I compare my data from https://googledrive.com/host/0B8R1QvA3x5IbWll3M0hIYXVLZlk/
  • edited January 2014
    Version 31.0.1650.67
    Platform 4731.101.0 (Official Build) stable-channel butterfly
    Firmware Google_Butterfly.2788.39.0

    The link you cited lists 31.0.1650.69 as the latest release for Chrome OS.  That is only true for the HP Chromebook 11 and Dell Chromebook 11.  The other Chromebooks, including mine, are using Stable version 31.0.1650.67.  See: https://googledrive.com/host/0B8R1QvA3x5IbdWZuMm5uSzBpVzg/

    P.S.  This is a minor side-issue, but I also cannot post to this forum using my Chromebook.  Must use my Windows PC.
  • ok good feedback, it seems that Chrome OS has 2 versions running depending on your Chromebook type (and it seems there a lots of Chromebook types now https://googledrive.com/host/0B8R1QvA3x5IbdWZuMm5uSzBpVzg/

    Can you go to this link and send me the results: http://apps.jasonsavard.com/test.php
  • On my Chromebook, I get this info after clicking your link:

  • ok, interesting, i didn't realize "Linux" was the platform for ChromeOS machines, ok i'll look into the detection code, but yes your current version is the stable one
  • ok i fixed the detection on my forum/bug area, you should be able to post bugs with your Chromebook now, let me know if it works? if so then i will propagate the fixed detection to my apps.
  • Just tried.  I still cannot post to this forum using my Chromebook.  When I click the "Post Comment" button, a red bar appears with the wording..."Body is required."  This post is being submitted on my Windows computer.
  • hmm, ok but atleast your not getting a big yellow warning banner like such when visiting the forum... (which you might have seen before)

  • Hi Jason.  Any update on when the Stable channel glitch with Chromebooks will be fixed?  I noticed the extension was updated yesterday, but the glitch remains.
  • The issue will be fixed in version 16.2.
    Although the unstable notification window within the app should only reveal itself once per install, are you always seeing it?

    and yes I have made an update to 16.1 recently but that version included other updates which were in the queue. More info about how my extension updates http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates
  • Thanks for the info.  The pop-up glitch with the Chromebooks only appears for me after the extension has been newly installed.  After that, I don't see the message anymore.
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