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Allow / Open more than Revision windows


Right now, if I have 2 notifications, I need to open the revision windows for 1, wait for the display, check and close, go back, see call the second one. Idealy one would be able to call for as many revision windows as he wants, so that once you check the first one, the others are getting downloaded.


  • Hi, this was a bit ennoying in the past, but since the recent change with the notifications journeys (no more icon to see them, which requires to open the extension menu), it's now worse since you simply cannot get the second revision windows at all. Is there any way to call for the revision form the extension after it disappears ?
  • If you miss the initial notification I think it would just be simpler if you open the file in google drive to view "full" revision window from there.
  • Hum ... yes and no, just try to see the changes in a slide deck of 30+ slides, and you will see that it's good to have the revision window. And this is a bit frustrating to see 3 notifications, each have a possibility to use this feature, you click one, the 3 notifications disappear then. Why can't we get back and use what is initialy proposed.
  • edited January 2016
    So you realize in my latest update that you can go into the popup window (via the button) and select the "Notifications" to see all past notification and then you could open them into google drive to see their revisions.
  • Hi, I do know, but the revision windows is not the same experience and value than the real change revision google feature. In case of slides for instance, google drive don't let you know which slides has changed, ... and many other issues that make the notification revision feature more useful.
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