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Allow easy application of themes

I initially expected to click theme and then click done to apply them.  The instruction "use the arrow" is a little confusing.


  • Yeah it's because you can apply several skins/themes and then you click Done when your done. If you think of a better interface let me know.
  • edited July 2015
    How can I apply multiple themes when one theme replaces the other?

    Maybe two drop down menus one selecting the theme and the other the font?  Or split it into two selectors like the current design but you just have to select it and then click done to have it applied.
  • You probably noticed but there are several "Skins" which include Effects, Themes, Fonts and Headers, many users have found creative combinations already to get exactly the look they want.
  • edited July 2015
    Or you could have a fixed "theme" and allow the fine customization under the "custom" button.

    The current one is a little confusing as I was a little confused by what is mentioned by "the arrow button."  I thought it was the arrow keystroke on my keyboard.
  • to be honest I might even remove the word "Theme" as it really should only be called "Background image" because a "Theme" would really be created by the user when they combine everything.
  • I think you could allow the fine adjustment under the custom button, allowing the user to tweak everything (drop down menu maybe?).

    The general menu could be just select background image and hit done to apply
  • edited July 2015
    Or you could put a separate tab under app settings for the theming.
  • I'll see if others have difficulty but currently it's been live for several days and no other comments yet on it, also you probably noticed you can easily preview the skin by initially selecting it and then clicking the arrow if you want to add it.
  • But the instruction to "use the arrow button" is IMO a little confusing.  Maybe use "add"?
  • edited July 2015
    Ah except then I would need a "remove" button and that's how i initially had it but it was more confusing, now the user can use the arrows to quickly add/remove it without moving the mouse. trust me i went through different iterations before arriving to this one.
  • FYI, you can also double click a skin to quickly add it.
  • Maybe use the symbol rather than say "the arrow" in the instruction.
  • now that's a good idea i'll see if i can add in the note
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