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A little too much whitespace at the bottom of the new material design interface

Firstly, can I say that I absolutely love the new material design interface. It only just updated into Chrome for me last night, and I was pleasantly surprised when I went to check an unread email.
I have noticed a couple of things though, which you may already have plans to fix, but wanted to suggest them just in case.

The floating action button isn't actually floating, it appears to have been placed in-line. I would much prefer to see this float above the unread emails. I have quickly done up an image of how I think it could look, which is below:
In the image above, you can see how it is at the moment on the left (at least on my computer), and on the right is how I suggest it be improved. The floating icon is moved up so it's centered on the base-line of the last unread email. This way, there is still some white space under the last unread email, but not too much that it looks like there is something missing.

Also, when reading an email in the extension, the window expands, which is fine. However, when going back to the unread items list, the window doesn't resize back down again, it stays the same height as it was when reading an email. I don't know if this is a limitation with Chrome extensions, but I would love to see the window resize back down to only the height it needs to be to display the unread emails. As images are much easier to display what I'm talking about, below I've attached another example of this behaviour.
As you can see, on the left, I'm reading one of the emails that were unread, and when going back to the un-read list (on the right), the size of the window remains the same.

Thanks for creating this extension, I would be lost without it!



  • Yeah, i'm definitely aware of if, but it's been technically difficult to fix this with the new design framework i'm using. I have done several fixes since the new design was released a month ago. My main concern right now is making sure functionally everything is still working and I'll get around hopefully to this.
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