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About the new Material Design look

edited June 2015 in Checker Plus for Gmail

Why the new look?
Uninstall surveys confirmed the old look was ugly and I agree. The new look is easier to maintain and implement new functionality and is consistent throughout my extensions.

Can I keep the old look?
No, I will eventually phase it out because I cannot support a great extension by splitting my efforts with 2 designs.

Is the new look complete?
Never! I am pushing rapid fixes and listening to ALL feedback since it's initial release (4 weeks now) so please read the changelog before posting a bug because it could already be fixed. You might have to re-install the extension to force the latest updates. Please be constructive with your feedback to make the new look just as good as the old look was.

Why is it so big?
It's the new standard of Material Design that is coming to all Google products and I like it and I want to be consistent and innovative. Users can still choose a "Compact" look in the Menu > Display density

What's new?
  • Add to calendar button
  • Email navigation via up/down arrows
  • Auto-sizing popup to your resolution (monitor vs laptop screen)
  • Auto-advance options to newer or older emails or conversation list
  • Highlights dates in emails to easily add the email to your calendar
  • Better support for multiple accounts with icons and unread counts and direct clicking to scroll to the account
  • Quick Contact
  • Popout window
  • Skins & Themes
  • Supports Chrome zoom
  • Mark as spam moved to menu when viewing email (wasn't used much)
Note: This particular announcement has been closed or else my statement above disappears in the comments, BUT please read/post on the rest of my forum for your suggestions.
This discussion has been closed.
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