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Search feature gone?

There used to be a search icon/bar in the window but it's gone in this new version.  


  • noted :) i'm using the feedback in this forum to determine the popularity of previous features to see if they are worth re-introducing vs. cluttering the interface again
  • Thanks for responding.  FWIW, that was one of the most used features for me.

    Besides that, love the new version!
  • Why does the search feature just opens the regular Gmail page, instead of (the expected behavior of) issuing the found emails?

  • @Spencer Holguin Good question, it's a really old feature and I didn't prioritize it when I first created the extension. However, the Gmail search can also be very extensive in terms of options and fields etc. and would be difficult to replicate. If enough people request this feature I will be glad to tackle it.

  • Thank you, Jason. Please continue with your great work.

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