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I think your beta is too wide

There are tons of white space at the bottom?  COuldn't you dynamically shrink it on demand?


  • so it's too high? (not wide)
    if you could provide ideal screenshots
    because the issue would be where do I place the + button
    and what happens when you preview an email - increase height then width - it's sometimes chunky on different OSes

  • No email previewed.  And see all the extra white space?


  • i'll keep this thread open, but most of the time people click that button when they have atleast 1 unread email so the white space is a lot less noticeable.
  • Any way to shrink to just the email titles?
  • Re-install the extension to version 19.0.13 the window is a lot of shorter now.
  • I have .13 but is there no way to dynamically resize the window and shrink up to just the titles?
  • Quick answer currently is no. Because i've introduced the big red compose button, but we'll see how it goes.
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