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Material design for Gmail checker is in Beta! ... feedback?

Enable it in: Options > Admin > Material design

Updates will be frequent so refer to the changelog


  • BEAUTIFUL!!!! Smooth performance FAST. Loving it!
  • Is there a way to incorporate themes?
  • In the Android Gmail app I have my Yahoo and Hotmail accounts included Is there anyway to add these into Checker as well?
  • It is working very well, thanks.

    One thing I notice though, is that it now opens the email viewer less wide
    and images are displayed cropped off...

    Whereas the original window displayed with images showing full width :-)

  • It's actually working better for me when it comes to the viewing window. It was cropped bad before and I had to adjust the slider all the time. Does monitor size or resolution matter?
  • @peter.gibb Can you send a screenshot?
  • @travis.boone It's actually monitor smart now! If you are using a laptop it will adjust the popup window a little smaller than if you have a monitor - then the popup will be larger
  • Yes, here are two, the old layout and the new


  • @peter.gibb thank you, good feedback, I will at least add horizontal scrollbar - but you are probably using a laptop screen that's why your popup window is a bit more narrow, those with monitor's get slightly larger popup windows, let's see how the others comment on the situation.
  • @peter.gibb is your Chrome display set to 100% normal zoom?
  • Yes, it's set to 100%

    I am using a laptop and the screen resolution is....

  • @peter.gibb
    If your resolution width <= 1366 (most laptops) than popup window is 600px wide (because any larger and it looked like it took over the whole screen)
    If your resolution width > 1366 (most plugged in monitors) than popup window is 800px wide (maximum allowed by Chrome)
  • Okey Doke, thanks

    Its not a problem and I shall continue to use the older layout setting for now..

    Checker Plus is working so very well and this is something that isn't an issue
    at all :-)
  • It's super puper)) I like it)) Thank you!
  • Can I pin a messages in Pop-up messages? Like thatimage
  • @gregory.bass Currently the Inbox by Gmail does not have an API that would allow me to do this, hopefully Google will release this.
  • @jason.savard got it. I hope so too)) Anyway a new design is perfect!))
  • It would be great to have a button to open emails directly from the overview of the pop-up window. Currently, if I hover over an email there are only buttons for archiving, deleting and marking as read. If I want to open it, I have to open the preview first.

    Maybe, you could make the selection of buttons customizable just like when using the default design. That would be great.
  • @simon.hurtz Can I ask in which situations and why do you usually want to open the email directly from email list?
  • edited May 2015
    @jason.savard I get lots of (mostly media and tech) newsletters and usually want to open more than one of the curated links. Each time I middle click one of the links for opening them in the background, the pop-up closes (having tried stable version as well, same problem) and the main browser window gains focus. That's why I read those newsletters only in a native Gmail tab.

    Second scenario: answering emails. Whenever replying with more than one or two sentences, I prefer to do this from within Gmail. As I get my work emails forwarded to my Gmail account (and answer them with an alias), this happens quite often.

    Edit: Obviously, customizing the selection of buttons for the non-material design partly affects the material version as well. E.g., when disabling the delete button, it also disappears in material view (no effect when doing the same for "open" or "reply", as there are no such buttons in material design).
  • edited May 2015
    Ok i will be adding the Open button (and customizable) in the next update
    If i get comments about the missing Reply button then I will add it also, but i'll wait for more feedback.
  • edited May 2015
    @jason.savard Thanks a lot. (I personally don't need the reply button. When I open the email, I have my hands on the keyboard anyway. Pressing "r" inside the Gmail tab triggers a reply, that's enough for me. Don't wanna mess up the interface with another button that I hardly need.)
  • Looks great!

    But no one button is not working :)
    Only preview email.
  • @saša.banjavčić
    Because I have been pushing "partial" updates - you'll have to re-install the extension force it to the latest version, which is now 18.1.28
    Can you verify which version you have?
  • @jason.savard


    Don't worry, I'll try reinstall :)
  • Is there an option to return to conversation list after preview of email rather than move to next unread?
  • @travis.boone
    Just to confirm you mean after executing an action on an email such as delete, or mark as read?
    Because there is the always the top left back button :)

  • @jason.savard yes sir
    kind of like the android app where you click delete or move then it takes you back to inbox or list etc
  • The back button is great but if it auto advances you to the next email it gets automatically flagged as read when hitting back button correct? I would like to have the option to choose what I read next. If that's possible if not then I'll have to modify how I navigate it then. Thanks
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