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Notification format when using a manually added account

I really like the features of the new option to add an account manually and stay signed in (especially the ability to see all labels associated to each email). Thanks for that!

Just one minor issue: Using that option breaks the formatting of the notification for new emails. I've attached two screenshots and hope that you understand what I mean.

When using a manually added account:

When using an auto-detected signed in account:


  • Yeah, saw this. Didn't think it was about the same issue, as for me, the strange formatting is related to adding accounts manually. As you can see, everything works fine when using auto-detection. That wasn't mentioned in the other thread.
  • Try marking different emails as unread and click the "Test notification" link in the options and you'll see the composition of each email is what triggers the difference. Technically speaking it's the email sender that generates a different "text" version of the email when they send it off and that's why my extension reads. ... the preview window is "html" version so it can be different
  • Sorry, I don't quite get your point. The screenshots above show the preview of the same email - the only thing I've changed is triggering auto-detect on/off. So it shouldn't be related to the composition of the email (same behaviour with every other email, btw) but rather to the settings of your extension.
  • Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough. The issue is definitely not related to the composition of the incoming email. The preview changes from html to text when switching auto-detection on and off.

    Everything looks fine when having my account automatically recognized:

    As soon as I add my account manually, the preview gets text only (which doesn't look too nice, to be honest):

    Please don't get me wrong, I don't want to get on your nerves: That's really a minor, rather cosmetic issue. I just wanted to make sure to file a comprehensible bug report.
  • You have sent me 2 samples of "email distributions" which have an html AND text versions contained in the same email. In account manually mode I use the "text" version because I cannot put html in that notification. But unfortunately email distributions with html create extra characters and spacing in their text versions. You will NOT notice the issue with regular emails from friends etc. or even to yourself etc. try it out.
  • Ah, okay. I didn't get your point, sorry. Unfortunately, I obviously receive quite a lot of emails which contain such a scrambled text version (many newsletters).

    But that's not your problem, of course. I'll consider switching back to auto-detection again. Thanks for your clarification!
  • A short follow-up question on this old issue: Is there any way of pulling the HTML version when users add accounts manually?

    I prefer the manual method (labels, real-time notifications, no formatting issues), but the ugly text-only preview (which affects both notifications and the pop-up) for most newsletters is a drawback. Maybe Google has changed something in the meantime that enables you to pull the HTML version as well.
  • Probably but then I have to manually convert it to text to fit it into the notification (it only accepts text)
  • Thanks for the quick response, Jason! I'm afraid I still don't quite understand it: What happens when the account is detected automatically? Do you manually convert the HTML content that gets fetched? Everything looks fine with the auto-detect method:

    For comparison, this is what the pop-up looks like when I add the account manually. There are no previews for newsletters:

  • So this depends on the email sender's proper use of text/html, the more popular email senders have been doing it well. Best would be to contact these email senders and tell them about proper html/text formatting of emails.
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