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opera compatibility

I don't know if this should be a suggestion or bug, well, opera has an extension that lets you install extensions from the google webstore, but  gmail checker does not work correctly (tabs in the options do not register click events, accounts are not recognized etc),, usually its because of not supported api,  maybe you can take a look :)


  • Opera does not yet support desktop or voice notifications, hence the issues you are seeing. Please refer to http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Unstable_channel_of_Chrome
  • Of all Chromium-based browsers only Opera does not work with this extension. Are you ou plan to do this browser compatibility? It's very frustrating that this is an extension of the browser is not running. Normal alternative to it just is not! For me, not fundamental voice notification, really want to interface to work properly and tuned.
    Best regards from Russia and Merry Christmas!:)
  • Can you show me an Opera extension that uses desktop notifications? Because when I researched it, they said Opera does not support them. Note: my next release will make my Gmail extension "work" with Opera but the desktop notifications will not work until Opera enables them.
  • this extension is still not up to the functional Checker Plus. It is very uncomfortable
  • Yes, my next version will be able to create that "top" popup window. But can you find any extension that create the "bottom" notification windows like these ...
    in Opera?
  • I don't care about this...) to be honest, it is even annoying, IMHO) The main thing that directly in the browser everything worked)
  • ok good, you'll be happy with my next version :) i'll be releasing it about a week because it's the holidays here and i just tested my calendar extension in Opera and I want to make sure it works before
  • Perfect! Any job worth the money, so I think I'll donate for you project a few dollars! Thank you very much!
  • well let's wait till you test it on Opera and make sure it's working first, i don't want too much pressure :)
    you can be my tester and let me know
  • OK! I have quite a long track of updated versions and their changes:)
    By the way, another question: do you plan to develop for IE, Firefox, Maxthon? These browsers are pretty good (especially Maxthon, but just did it and it does not have many addons (WOT, gmail checker, etc))
  • To be honest, I'm really only supporting the stable version of Chrome, but since Opera has integrated Chrome's extension engine (or atleast the opera extension that can support chrome extensions) makes it "almost" work automatically for all chrome extensions to work on opera. So there's allmost no work for me to do. Because i'm pretty busy with just getting my Chrome extensions working on Chrome and their many updates and new features, I wouldn't be able to create so many new features if I had to test them on several browsers everytime and most of the time Chrome has new features that can't be used in other browsers.
  • So... I will wait new releases)
  • Hello, I'm tested new version! It's really working! Thank you! I will soon also fulfill the promise :) 
    I think that this extension  should be added to addons.opera.com! Hundreds of thousands of users of Opera will be grateful to you, I'm sure!
  • Thanks, that's great feedback, I am slowly pushing out this latest version 15.1 to my users and feedback like you just gave me now is good to hear. i'll also see how i can add it to the list (but please note it is still officially only a Chrome extension, the Opera team or download chrome extension team must ensure that Chrome extensions can run smoothly and with all the latest Chrome functions.
  • on this portal there is no rigid pre-moderation. Stability was evaluated in the first place users reviews. Especially, other extensions with similar functionality is just not there!
  • Extension working very well! I've not found a single bug :) More thanks!
  • Hello, I foung bug in notification window in Opera 20. Reinstalling didn't  help:(
  • 2 reasons... I don't really support Opera and you are also using a beta version of Opera 20. The current stable version seems to be 18 or 19 http://www.opera.com/docs/history/
    Note: I confirm it is working on version 18 which I'm using.
  • Yes, it is working on 18 and 19 versions:)
    Just I'm really worry that this bug will go into version 20 stable
  • Hello! Extension works perfectly in Opera! But not updating automaticly to new versions:(
    there are no plans to share your addon in portal addons Opera?
    In case of problems, I could provide direct technical support to users of the Opera. Although, during this time there was no crash or bug.:)
  • edited April 2014
    Are you sure, because the official latest version of my extension is actually 16.6.3 - what version is it saying in Opera?
    Read this for more info about my extension versions and udpates - http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates
  • The fact that addons obtained not from the Opera House Store, are not automatically updated to the new version. So you have to manually reinstall the addon to the new version.
  • Oh ok good to know, so this issue happens with all Opera addons?
  • No. Only with downloaded not form Opera's Store
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