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Auto update?

edited December 2013 in Checker Plus for Gmail
I see that the new version came out 15.0. The extension in my Chrome is still my 14.0.
We use 25 accounts with Google Apps so that I do not like to go from computer to computer to do the update.
Does the extension automatically upgrades or how can I get to the new version?


  • Good question.

    When I create updates I push them to only small percentage of people at the beginning to test the changes so that I don't break the extension for everyone. After a few days of testing I push it to everyone. If you go to the install page of my extensions you'll notice this at the bottom of the details tab... Note: You can force the new version right away by uninstall and re-installing the extension, but you'll be beta testing my newest version.
    ps. Is there a particular reason why you want the latest version?

    Details page...
    Change log:
    15.0 (Dec 15th to 5% of users)
    - Added syncing of options!
    - Fixed double loading on startup

    14.0 (Dec 10th to 100%, Dec. 7th - 5% of users)
    - Auto-detecting right to left languages when composing in reply
    - Now accepting Bitcoins!

    13.13 (Dec 3rd 100% - Nov 29 5%)
    - Fixed refresh issue with ANTP widget
    - Notifications are even faster and always show contact photos if available
  • Thanks Jason for quick reply.

    No particular reason, just wondering whether to extension automatically update?
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